Open Online Research

Researchers at the University of Amsterdam, together with outside software developers, are building a unique research tool: Open Online Research. It is a citizens’ science tool for qualitative research, and we need your help to test it. Please enter the project.

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collaborative interpretation

Online collaborative interpretation will open up new opportunities for qualitative social science. I will enable academics and non-academics to collaborate, to gather data and to interpret those in novel ways. It will help to improve the quality of the analysis. Instead of hundreds of researchers all interpreting their own data, data and interpretations are shared directly.  

The idea is to use the power of online tools to enhance collaboration, validate interpretations and co-author conclusions in qualitative research. Inspired by Wikipedia, digital humanities, crowd sourcing and MOOCs, Open Online Research uses human intelligence as opposed to algorithms to solve problems.    


You are the researcher

You, together with many others, are the researcher. We want you to read and interpret interviews and to compare your interpretations to those of other researchers. This is the core of OpenOnlineResearch: collaborative interpretation.

But, don't worry that this is just your interpretation or just one single case. The strength of the analysis is that many more participants will look at the same material, and you and everybody else will compare different interpretations. In this way, we will arrive at valid and meaningful interpretations. Later on, we will further develop this tool so that we also write conclusions together and publish them online.